14th International Conference on the Chemistry of Antibiotics and other Bioactive Compounds, 13-16 October 2015, Texas, USA


Alexander Kornienko, Texas State University, USA

Alexander KornienkoAlexander Kornienko was born in the small Arctic town of Vorkuta, Russia, in 1971. He studied polymer chemistry at Mendeleev University in Moscow, and then moved to the United States, where he received his Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry working with Professor Marc d’Alarcao at Tufts University in 1999. After a two-year postdoctoral stay with Professor Stephen Hanessian at the University of Montreal, working on the synthesis of novel aminoglycoside antibiotics, he started his independent career as Assistant Professor of Chemistry at New Mexico Tech in 2001, was promoted to Associate Professor in 2006 and served as Department Chair in 2010-2012. Recently, he accepted a position of Associate Professor of Chemistry at Texas State University His teaching and research interests encompass the discovery of new reactions and methods in synthetic organic chemistry, natural product isolation and derivatization, and cancer drug development. Professor Kornienko has published over 70 research papers and trained numerous students in research disciplines on the chemistry-biology interface. His current projects focus on applying synthetic chemistry toward advancing a number of anticancer natural products, specifically active against apoptosis-resistant tumors, to human clinical trials

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