14th International Conference on the Chemistry of Antibiotics and other Bioactive Compounds, 13-16 October 2015, Texas, USA


Yujiro Hayashi, Tohoku University, Japan

Yujiro HayashiYujiro Hayashi received his BSc in 1984 and MSc in 1986 from The University of Tokyo under the guidance of Prof. T. Mukaiyama. He received a Ph. D. degree from the same university. Assistant professor at The University of Tokyo (1987). Associate professor (1998) and Full professor (2006) at Tokyo University of Science (1998). Full Professor at Tohoku University (2012). Postdoctoral study at Harvard University (Prof. E. J. Corey, 1994 – 1996). Award: Incentive Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan (1998). SSOCJ Daiichi-Sankyo Award for Medicinal Organic Chemistry (2008). The Chemical Society of Japan Award for Creative Work (2010). Lecturer of Oppolzer Lectures at University of Geneva (2011). Novartis Chemistry Lectureship Award (2011). Inoue Prize for Science (2012).

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